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For recreation, therapy, growth - Get your Browning .50 kits and guns now!
· Yes, kits are still available! Authentic WW II  Vintage and Post war/Korean War Modern M3 kits with matching numbers are available for a smaller premium than expected. Limited availability so buy now.
· In stock with short lead time: M3 ‘Modern’ and ‘Vintage’ Unmodified Full Kits, Receiver Box & Chassis Kits
· 30 days on semi kits (turnaround for modified parts), 60 days (or less) for built guns and receivers
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Current pricing is here on main page until I can update the appropriate pages. I continue to sort and clean matching # kits, so regular kits won’t be available for a while yet. My personal obligations/schedule right now keeps me away and allows very little time for this, and demand is huge for obvious reasons. I am currently packing most kits as two boxes. The 1st box will go out reasonably quickly – it will contain the receiver box, top cover and barrel support. The 2nd box is more difficult to sort and pack due to its variable content – semi vs. unmodified parts and other options. I’m working on catching up on box 2 shipments now. Once caught up I expect ship times of 2 weeks for box 1 and 6-8 weeks for box 2. My stock on core parts looks good, but I occasionally have lead times on M3-flex backplate conversions, Semi parts mods, RSG assy’s, and M2 sight sets. This is due to reliance on external sources and machine shops.
So, Order now and receive a matching receiver upgrade for no charge! (until regular kits are ready)
Prices as of December 15, 2015

Finished M3HB-Semi Receiver with Barrel Support     Modern: $3250     Vintage: $3550
A modest deposit will hold your items. I have creative lay-a-way and split purchase plans, so don’t hesitate to ask. I gladly take GOLD and SILVER coins and bullion in trade.
Don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions.
Be Well, Christos
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