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Text Box: Browning .50 BMG Receiver Box Kits
Excellent Condition for M2 & M3 Builds  
Text Box: All Gryphos kits start as WW II to Korean War era M3-Basic guns that are carefully disassembled (no torch cuts). 

All box Kits include the following components:
●Left Hand Side Plate as configured for M3, but same plate as M2 (see )
●Top Plate with M3 Trigger Bar Bracket Bottom Plate     ●Bottom Plate
●Left & Right Feed Pawl Brackets     ●Left & Right Depressors (M3 only)

Receiver Box Kits are available in the varieties below:
Text Box: M3 ‘Modern’ Receiver Box Kit


From later M3 guns, with no provision for sights. Lots of flat surface front & rear for rails and other modern sight solutions!

Text Box: M3 ‘Classic’ Receiver Box Kit

From later M3 guns, but modified to accommodate M2 front & rear sights for that ’classic’ M2HB look! Modification professionally made; Looks stock after refinishing.


Text Box: M3 ‘Vintage’ Receiver Box Kit

These are essentially WW II M2 receivers that were converted to M3 guns. All M2 details are present, including the milling in the top plate for the latch bracket. These come with the M3 top plate bracket & M2 extractor cam. I can provide the M2 extractor cam instead on request (+$20)


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Text Box: Complete Kits
Text Box: Vintage M2 Kits & Parts

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