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Text Box: Browning M3HB-Semi ‘Classic’ Premium Kit
Text Box: This kit is the shortest distance between you and a beautiful Semi Browning Fifty!
Just add a KMP RHSP, KMP Semi Trigger/Sear, heavy barrel and you are complete.
Kit Highlights:

Parts fully modified for the KMP Semi setup: Barrel Extension, Buffer Housing, Bolt, Trigger Bar Bracket

Comes with the correct M2 Sear Stop, M2 Barrel Lock (if using KMP RHSP), and custom conical spring for using the KMP sear in the M3 bolt 

Includes the upgrade to a New M2 Backplate with Bolt Release Latch 

Includes the Retracting Slide Group Assembly (basic kit comes with aircraft retracting handle)

Kit even includes rivets (I can hear those hammer blows now...)

Everything in the picture is included, plus either a New M2 Blackplate or an M3-Flex Backplate


Get this M3HB-Semi (Classic) Premium Kit (Reference Photos)

and either


Complete with all the upgrades · Modified for KMP Semi