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Text Box: Browning M3 ‘Shortblock’  Complete Receiver Kit
Complete Unmodified .50 M3 Receiver
Text Box: This is the complete modern M3, from the bare trunion back. 
This kit is very popular with professional builders.
Needed to Finish as a Full Auto Transferable/Post Sample Gun:
The appropriate Right Hand Side Plate
Barrel & appropriate support (HB Barrel & Support or air barrel & jacket)
You will either need a mount with remote fire capability, or you will need to add the trigger and grips to the stock backplate
	 (see upgrades below).
	If you can use it, I will provide the cable-operated side trigger at no additional charge. Just ask.

Needed to finish as a semi-auto:
The appropriate ATF-approved semi RHSP and semi trigger/sear solution. KMP is by far the most popular community-supported standard today.
Modifications needed (for KMP semi) to the Trigger Bar Bracket, Bolt, Buffer Housing, and Barrel Extension.
Misc. parts needed – M2 Barrel Lock Spring, M2 Sear Stop.

HB Barrel Support Set $200 – Includes new barrel support, new barrel bushing, and Bushing Screw. Barrel not included.
Aircraft Barrel Support Set $200 – Includes NOS Aircraft Barrel Jacket, Jacket Screw, and Trunion Adapter. Barrel not included.