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Text Box: DShK Kit 
With Excellent Barrel

Here is the text from the previous owner’s advert when I  bought it:

Here are the pictures provided by the previous owner (I’ll try to take more myself one day):

I hate to sell it, and am really torn whether to sell or build.

DShK is in great condition and has been stored inside since purchased. This was from one of the original group buys.
Kit comes with the remote cable.
Also comes 50 links. Sorry links go with kit, I will not separate.

Kit has been deburred and slides together nicely and is ready to be welded or sent to Midwest.
Barrel is clean and bright.
Kit is in great condition. Torch cuts were straight and as clean as torch cuts can be.
I'm keeping this kit for now. You can try to pry it away with a High $$$$ offer or an unusual trade ;-)