Browning .50 M3 Parts Kits

$3,100 - $3,425

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I am offering complete (less barrel) Browning M3 Machinegun Kits (less right sideplate). Most of these parts are from carefully disassembled Browning M3-Basic guns. The M3 is a modified/improved M2, modified in order to achieve and sustain a much higher rate of fire than M2 ground or aircraft guns. The M3 can be built as a semi-auto identically to the M2. These kits consist of parts offered individually at For pictures of the parts in these kits, please visit that page.

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*** All NFA Rules Apply ***

The parts kit is available in three variations. These are:

M3 Aircraft, M3 Aircraft retrofitted for ground use, M3-HB (Heavy barrel configuration)

* To complete a kit, you will need: Barrel, Right Hand Side Plate, an occasional cotter pin or washer, the appropriate semi parts or modifications if building a semi gun.

All of the kits consist of this core parts kit:

M2/M3 Left Hand Side Plate w Left & Right Pawl Bracket

M2/M3 Trunion

M2/M3 Top Plate w Internals

M2/M3 Bottom Plate with Internals

Pawl Holding Pin (2)

Pawl, 2-piece

Pawl Spring (2)

Trigger Bar

Trigger Bar Pin

Extractor Cam w Nut & Spring

Top Cover Pawl w Spring

Top Cover, M3

Top Cover Pin

Bolt, M3, Complete w M3 Extractor

Depressor, Left & Right Hand, M3

Barrel Extension, M3, Complete

Buffer Group, M3

M3 Bolt Handle

Cartridge Stop/Extractor






















Each variation then has additional parts, and is priced as follows:


M3 Aircraft Price: $3,100

M3 Backplate

M3 Barrel Jacket (Barrel not included) & Set Screw

Side Trigger, Cable Type




M3 Aircraft retrofitted for ground use Price: $3,350

Front Sight Assembly (new)

Rear Sight Assembly (new)

M2 Backplate (grade B), with Spade Grips & Trigger

M3 Barrel Jacket (Barrel not included) & Set Screw








M3-HB (Heavy barrel configuration) Price: $3,425

Front Sight Assembly (new)

Rear Sight Assembly (new)

M2 Backplate (grade B), With Spade Grips & Trigger

M2HB Barrel Support (new)(Barrel & barrel support shim not included)

M2HB Barrel Bushing & Set Screw (new)









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*** All NFA Rules Apply ***