Browning .50

 Twin Buffered Anti-Aircraft Mount

***For Sale ***

tn_IMGP0371.JPG (150x200; 9761 bytes)     twin006s

Only $5,500 for a complete mount

(Price for unrestored mount. Guns not included)


Condition is as pictured, though they are missing the spider sight.


The price is FOB Detroit, Michigan, or I will deliver to the next Knob Creek Shoot (deposit required).


Email or Call 248-359-2677 to Order!!!


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twin001s        twin002s        twin003s 

twin004s        twin005s       


tn_IMGP0365.JPG (150x200; 9804 bytes)         tn_IMGP0372.JPG (150x200; 8407 bytes)         tn_IMGP0370.JPG (150x200; 8793 bytes)         tn_IMGP0371.JPG (150x200; 9761 bytes)                  


tn_IMGP0373.JPG (150x200; 6949 bytes)         tn_IMGP0375.JPG (150x200; 6951 bytes)         tn_IMGP0382.JPG (150x200; 9787 bytes)         tn_IMGP0395.JPG (150x200; 11179 bytes)


AATwinPintle(cm)-         tn_IMGP0374.JPG (200x150; 6551 bytes)         tn_IMGP0383.JPG (200x150; 9517 bytes)        


tn_IMGP0368.JPG (200x150; 10162 bytes)         tn_IMGP0385.JPG (200x150; 8084 bytes)         tn_IMGP0399.JPG (200x150; 11175 bytes)

tn_IMGP0400.JPG (200x150; 12701 bytes)          tn_IMGP0401.JPG (150x200; 10880 bytes)           tn_IMG_6161.JPG (200x150; 11565 bytes)